My WIP Love List

I got this idea from my writer-friend Rachel who got it from Stephanie Perkins so it’s totally legit. (I love Rachel’s writing so much, can’t wait for everyone to read it. And my love for Stephanie Perkins is legendary.) Check out Rachel’s love list. And Stephanie’s.

So, things that I love about this book I’m writing:

Characters who speak French to each other

A college program for high school students

A girl named Alice.

A girl named Abby.

A girl who refuses to swear except to say eff or merde.

Baseball loving family

Baseball hating main character

Baseball playing love interest

Dirty French movies (aren’t they all?)

Moleskin notebooks

The sadness of being a Cubs fan

A boy named Zeke


Le Petit Prince

Tu me manques




Druggie Park

St Viateur Bagels

Silly drunks and sad drunks

Ethnic soccer

Surprising trivia competitions

First kisses

Even better subsequent kisses

Holding hands

This line: “Favorite new word: chatouilleux. Ticklish. Zeke est vraiment chatouilleux. Zeke is very ticklish.”


Vieux Montreal

What do you love about your work in progress?


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